1. Introduction

Learn or test a new Technology is always a new challenge. This section tries to reduce the time invested to install the componentes required on your Personal computer and the Brick to enjoy with the robots that you will be create with Java.

The project has been designed with the idea that the user creates Java programs in a Personal computer and later send the programs to Brick using a remote connections. With this approach, the user will learn the same techniques applied in the industry with Enterprise applications but in this case with Robotics programs with Java.

2. The Steps

2.1. Personal computer

Modern development environments always require the same stuff: a package manager to install software easily, a runtine about the technology, a build system to manage the dependencies and the whole life cycle, integrated development environments and tools to store code in source code repositories. In this project, the components to install are:

  • A package manager

  • Java JDK

  • Build Systems (Maven & Gradle)

  • Java IDE (IntelliJ or Eclipse)

  • Git & SourceTree

In the section about Getting started with your personal computer, you will learn how to install all components.

2.2. The brick

The requirements of the Brick are simple: An Linux Operating System and a Java Virtual Machine, JVM. If your Brick is a Lego Mindstorms EV3, BrickPi or PiStorms then you could use this project. In the section about Getting started with your Brick, you will learn how to install the components.

3. The Next Step

If you are reading this section, Congratulations, you have just reached 2 goals:

  • You executed the classic Java program Hello World in your personal computer

  • You executed some classic Java programs in your Brick.

In that case, continue with the next section about: Fundamentals of Robotics but if you stopped in some point, read previous documents again and if the problem continues, create a Support issue on the project.