A Java project to build Software for Robots using hardware supported by EV3Dev & the LeJOS way.

1. Introduction

Lego Mindstorms ecosystem is a fantastic educational way to learn Java, Linux and Robotics to develop your creativity using your favourite Bricks. In the the third generation of the product Lego Mindstorms EV3, others companies like Dexter Industries & Mindsensors has released boards combining the power of Raspberry Pi 3 with the usage of Sensors & Actuators from Lego Mindstorms ecosystem. The result is very healthy for the Community but…​ some questions appear in the air:

  • How to manage the hardware in an easy way?

  • How to continue using Java with all boards?

  • What happen with amazing LeJOS libraries about local-navigation in this context?

The answer is this project, EV3Dev-java.


2. EV3Dev-java Subprojects

EV3Dev-java has been designed with the modularity in mind from the beginning.

The project contains the following Java libraries/scripts:

3. Competitive advantages

This project has the following competitive advantages:

  • Usage of the same Java libraries for multiple bricks (EV3 Brick, BrickPi 3, BrickPi+ & PiStorms)

  • Usage of USB Connections for Arduino

  • Usage of complex Devices like LIDARs, Webcams or Advanced IMUs with USB.

  • Usage of a Complete Linux

  • Usage of LeJOS libraries

If you analyze the hardware, any EV3 Brick uses a SoC: Sitara Processor AM1808 (from year 2010) to manage Sensors & Actuators but now with the usage of a BrickPi/PiStorms unit, it is possible to use the power of a Raspberry Pi 3 increasing the possibilities to develop complex projects which require por Computational consumption.

2010 Chip included on EV3 Brick:

SoC: Sitara Processor AM1808
CPU: ARM9 300MHz
RAM: 16KB of Instruction Cache, 16KB of Data Cache ,8KB of RAM (Vector Table), 64KB of ROM

2016 Chip included on Raspberry Pi 3:

SoC: Broadcom BCM2837
CPU: 4× ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz
RAM: 1GB LPDDR2 (900 MHz)

4. Features out of the box

Java features

  • Automatic installation of Oracle Java JDK 8 for Brickpi+/PiStorms
    Raspberry Pi 3

  • Partial installation of Oracle Java JRE 8 for EV3 Brick

  • OpenJDK Java 9 EA support for Brickpi+/PiStorms + Raspberry Pi 3

  • Java profiling tools Support (Oracle mission control & JConsole)

  • Logging support based on SLF4J

  • Centralized logs with Kibana

Platforms supported

  • EV3 Brick,

  • BrickPi 3

  • BrickPi+

  • PiStorms v2,

Lego Mindstorms features

  • Regulated Motor Support (Large EV3 Motors, Medium EV3 Motors, NXT Motors)

  • Unregulated Motor Support (RCX Motors)

  • Sensor Support (EV3 sensors)

  • Sounds Support

  • EV3 LCD Support


5. Timeline of the project

In 2015, EV3Dev is born to offer a solution to install a complete Linux Debian Operating System on EV3 Brick, BrickPi Series & PiStorms Series. The project provides an agnostic Linux interface to unify the way to interact with Mindstorms Hardware too.

At the end of the same year, EV3Dev-lang-java is born with the idea to continue developing Java robots on Lego Mindstorms and providing a port of LeJOS libraries like the local-navigation stack.

In 2017 Q3, the project will be renamed as EV3Dev-java to be shorted and to not generate confusion with the usage of EV3Dev binding features.

6. Evolution of Java on Lego Mindstorms ecosystem

LeJOS project is the unique Open Source project present on every Lego Mindstorms generations of the product. In any generation, the project had to find a solution for the following layers:

  • Runtime

  • JVM

  • Robotics libraries

This premise was solved in every Mindstorms generation:

Product RCX NXT EV3

Robotics libraries

Initial libraries




Custom firmware

Custom firmware

Busybox + Native libraries


Custom JVM

Custom JVM

Oracle JRE 8

but now in 2017, any Java developer could have issues with the following scenarios:

  • The usage of LeJOS objects on BrickPi3/PiStormsV2

  • The USB connection with any Arduino board

  • Make a map with a LIDAR like RPLidar A2

  • Execute a linux command like screen to maintain a ssh session although you close the laptop

  • Install ROS on your Brick

  • Interact with other programming languages

So, to solve this kind of projects appear EV3Dev-java.